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Glass balustrades

CustomCote has been operating on the Gold Coast for over 10 years, servicing the luxury home market as well as a host of larger developments and private renovations. Exceptional service and quality are our forte, offering the discerning buyer value for money and the latest in decorative interior glass solutions.

From a simple frameless glass panel over the entry void, to the curved glass balustrade that floats down the stairs with seemingly no fixings at all, CustomCote has an array of fittings and design options that ensure to maximise space and reassure peace of mind.

Learn more about the benefits of installing a glass balustrade in your home!

#1 Adding Aesthetics

If you’re looking to add something completely unique to your home, you can’t walk past a glass balustrade. If your entryway leads into a large staircase that leads to the upper floors of your home, adding a glass balustrade will provide that ‘wow’ factor. And with that ‘wow’ factor cames an increased value within your home, something any homeowner can benefit from.

#2 Full Views

With a glass balustrade, you’ll experience little obstruction of the views behind them. Whether you add these to your staircase or around other internal areas within your home, you’ll always be able to see other areas of your home without restriction.

#3 Safe & Durable

You might feel that a glass balustrade is not a good idea, like it’s an accident waiting to happen… particularly if you have children. However, our balustrades are made from extremely durable tempered glass that will not break easily. This glass is not what is used in a standard window. Even with the rare chance that they do break, they will not shatter into tiny pieces, but will shatter into big, easily identifiable chunks. Safety is our top priority when it comes to glass installations in your home.

#4 Easy to Maintain

Glass balustrades are extremely easy to keep clean. Both the glass panes and the fixations that keep them in place do not require a lot of maintenance to keep them crystal clear and spotless. The fixations are made of materials that won’t rust or corrode as well, so you’ll have peace of mind that your glass balustrade will always look great, even with just a quick wipe.

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